Kick Start.

This week has been busy! Classes started, department meetings and dealing with IT has worn me out. Monday was my first graduate class. It’s a tiny one, most are older and have had jobs, and some are just in the MA program. The class is 2 hours and 3o minutes. 5 hour credit. It is interesting. This week we are learning about footnotes and how to cite papers in the Chicago style. Thanks so my great undergraduate university – Cumberland I know how to do this and it is still fresh on my mind.

Today we actually got out a lithe early, which gave me time to try to figure out why my ID will not let me into any buildings. Yes, you have to swipe your card to get into anyplace. Very different than Cumberland. Safety first! After about a 1 hour phone conversation and countless emails I could finally get into the library. Let me tell you, this place is gorgeous. Three stories. They have their own interlibrary loan room! After printing off my PDF on how to properly use my new camera when it comes to taking pictures of buildings, I headed over to the HPRES building. ID still didn’t work. Another phone call and more emails I could finally get in without having to wait for someone to get to the door and pray I won’t be late to class.

I headed to Panera for a smoothie and some study time. I also met with the head leader for Young Life here in Savannah. I will be getting involved with that again and I cannot wait. I won’t get into that because thats too personal to put on the inter web.

My online class is going well too. A lot of work. There is actually a girl who works at a place I interviewed at, but they did not have any openings. Small world!

There was also a department meeting for new students. I found out that hopefully I will be able to go to France for a quarter to study. They go every other year.

My plans for tonight fell through. I had planned on going to the student preservation association guest speaker, but either he started his speech 15 minutes early, I was told the wrong time, or just stuff happened. Oh well, there will be plenty more to go to. It did allow me to get a lot of work done tonight so I can spend Saturday watching UK take down UL.

Kentucky made it to the final four. We are playing Louisville. Yuck. Kentucky has to be going crazy this week. Well, I know they are. I am sure that are a few of you who are very happy that you won’t have to hear me talk about UK right now. Think again.

Well, time to call it a night. My contacts are going crazy and I am seeing three lines of this sentence.



Kayaks and Old Fort Jackson

I decided to do more touristy things today after I got frustrated with trying to put my drafting table together. Tools and I do not get along. One major reason for this, I needed to get Dad a birthday present. It is awesome. After his birthday I’ll share it with everyone. He now has the link to this blog.

I headed out to Broughton Street in downtown. I haven’t really walked around this street. A lot of stores are there like Gap, Banana Republic, and local stores. If you’re a male, I suggest you check out J. Parkers. Great stuff. After getting Dad’s present I headed down to Half Moon Outfitters just to look around. It doesn’t compare to Cumberland Transit back in Nashville at all. Oh well. With my luck, it started pouring down rain. I ran into the closest place, which happened to be a place to eat. The name of this little place is Kayak Kafe. It’s a healthy, all natural place, and supposedly has great fish tacos. It is also connected to a 24 hour gym and yogurt fusion place. So I decided to get the fish tacos. They were amazing.

Fish Tacos

Once the rain stopped, and I finished my lunch I decided to walk around some more. It’s really a nice walk. I saw the very controversial McDonald’s that just opened and it was packed. Guess people are happy it’s there now. Found a cute little boutique that won’t break the bank account and a few that could do that every thing. I had to set a reminder on my phone when my parking meter expired, everyone got tickets it seemed like, and I didn’t want mine. I headed back to where I was parked and decided to stop in to this little kitchen store. It has some cute things. Packed because a tour group decided to enter. That’s another thing, tour groups. They are everywhere I am learning. Anyways, I bought a sign that says I love Bacon. Can’t wait to hang it in my kitchen.

After leaving, the sun decided to come back out and I thought it would be a great thing to go and visit Old Fort Jackson. I also wanted to know if they were hiring, which is a no in case you were wondering. The fort is the oldest staying brick fort in GA. It was built before the War of 1812. The first fort was built in during the Revolution by by American forces, but closed in 1778 due to disease. Thomas Jefferson authorized the purchase of this land known as Salter’s Island for $1,800. The fort was named in honor of James Jackson, a Colonel in the American Army. So before someone asks, it was not named after Andrew Jackson. 

During the early part of the Civil War, the fort helped to protect Savannah and also served as the headquarters. On December 20, 1864, the Confederate troops were forced to abandon it due to Union General Sherman’s advancement. The Confederates did not want the Union forces to make use of it, so they set it on fire, rigged the front gates so they would explode, and tossed all the ammo into the river. The following morning, Federal troops raised the Stars and Stripes above the fort. In 1923, Congress voted to sell the fort as extra property. In 1969, the Georgia Historical Commission opened it back up to the public. Money issues caused it to close in 1975. On Labor Day in 1976, the Coastal Heritage Society reopened it. They still run it today.

Just a little side note, the mosquitos are miserable, the view is amazing. 


A Trip to Hilton Head

Yesterday, I drove to Hilton Head to visit a friend who was staying on the island for spring break. It’s about an hour away. Not a bad drive at all and it is a gorgeous one. I drove through a little town in South Carolina called Bluffton. I am going to have to make a trip back there for some oysters. Another thing I noticed about driving up there…. roundabouts. There are a ton!

I also brought Abbie with me since the beach I was meeting them at allowed dogs. Needless to say she was excited the whole drive. She loves car rides. Along the way, I passed the outlet mall, good to know the location of that since Savannah is lacking in the shopping area. The ocean is just beautiful. I cannot even explain how I feel just being around it. The color, the never ending view, and the thought that it can take you anyplace just makes me think. After going over some bridges and paying a toll ($1.25), I finally arrived. Bikes are all over the place. It reminded me of when my family and I used to go to Sun Valley, Idaho minus the ocean of course. I met KV and her friend at a little sandwich shop. Huge! Once we ate we headed to Colingy Beach. 

We found a little spot away from the mass crowds of people. After trying to get Abbie into the water, which was not successful we put our beach towels out and soaked up the sun. I have never seen a dog who loved to play in the sand as much as Abbie did. She also did not like the birds or people zooming past her on bikes.

While we were just sitting there minding our on business a group of college kids approached us. I am allowed to say that now since I am out, and I realize this makes me sound like an old lady. Anyways, this guy approached us, who had been drinking. This was his opening line, “Are you a Christian? I have been reading numbers all day and I don’t have yours.” Then he proceeded to tell us how he met some Baptists down the beach, and they informed him that they do not like to drink. He also asked if he could take my dog for a walk and my friend replied, “Even though you are a Christian, no.” The whole day was very relaxing. Just what I needed before classes start next week, as I will be reading 8 chapters. I will be making a trip back to that very beach very soon. Just to sum up the day in a collage of pictures… Now off to price out my books and supplies. Fun.

Graduate School is Expensive.

I’m not just talking about the tuition and the books. We all know that costs money. I just got my list of required materials for one of my classes and it’s two pages of stuff that I have never used or haven’t used since grade school.

  • Moleskine Hard-bound sketch book, 5″x7″
  • Sketch pad, 11″x14″
  • gridded bond paper 17″x22″
  • two 2mm lead holder
  • 2mm leads – HB, B, 2B, and red
  • Lead pointer (this is a special sharpener) – who knew?!?!
  • Color pencils – yay!
  • Felt-tip black ink pens, PIGMA MICRON, 05, 07, 1
  • Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Staedler with HB and B leads
  • Erasers, white, soft
  • Architect scale, English
  • Engineer scale, English – I don’t like the sound of that
  • Metric scale – I knew I should have listened more in science
  • Compass
  • Circle Template
  • Flexible curve, what??
  • Triangles: 30-60-90 with inking edge, 45-45-90 with inking edge
  • T-square 36 inch NOT METAL:
  • Roll of tracing paper, white
  • Print paper – thankfully I have this!
  • Clipboard
  • Drawing board with a straight edge on which you can trace your paper
  • 25 foot retractable tape, 1/16″ graduations
  • 100 foot tape, 1/8″ graduations
  • 8 foot folding carpenters rule
  • Chalk sticks, white, blue, red and yellow
  • String level or laser level – thank you toolkit from Lowe’s!
  • Plumb bobs – um yeah.
  • Image
  • Nikon Camera 1 J1 or V1, Nikon Coolpix P500
  • Calculator
  • Scanner

Yes, I am required to get a camera. This is nothing compared to what some other students have to pay. I heard that in some they spend close to $1500 a quarter on supplies.

Oh yeah, I have to get the newest Apple software, thankfully I get a student discount. Woot woot.

Now, the phone call to my Dad informing him of my graduate, adult world school supplies.

One Month Down…

Today, or tonight marks my first month in Savannah and away from Tennessee. Yes, it is St. Patrick’s Day, and no, I did not venture downtown for the craziness. I will get into that later. Most of you have seen what tourist like things I have done during my first month, but there are some that to me are even better.

After some events that occurred at my apartment downtown, I moved out to Wilmington Island. I have been here for almost a week and absolutely love it. I cannot say no to a pool and gym that overlooks the marsh. I just find it so peaceful out here. It’s like my own little escape from everything. In my own  home. More importantly, my dog loves it here. The Y is very close, so is Publix and a bunch of other cute little stores. No parking meters and squares, just land.

I promise you, once I get all situated into the place I will post pictures of it. My kitchen table has to be returned since the movers somehow damaged it going less than 10 miles. Yet, it made it 500 miles without a scratch. So what have I done with all my free time? Explore. I ventured out to Tybee Island and drove around. There’s a nice little dog park there that I will take Abbie to soon. I went to the Tybee Island Historical Lighthouse. I climbed the stairs. All of them. The view is amazing.

View from Tybee Lighthouse

I also drove around the island and found some nice little places to eat when I have company in town. I really do like it here. It can be very lonely at times, even more so on the weekends. I just have to remind myself that this will all be worth it. My library on my iPad has increased a ton. I have made a friend who is precious and we had a girls night this past Thursday at a little Mexican place. It was fantastic. I also went to her family’s house tonight for an oyster roast. I even learned how to shuck them! One thing to cross off the list.

Things that I have learned in my months time here. The sand gnats suck. They are miserable. And it is just starting. My hair will not stay straight at all. No one wants a grad student working for them. The sand gnats are miserable and they suck. I think I might have mentioned that already.

This coming Friday I have orientation for grad school, then that Monday my classes start. I can’t wait to be reading by the beach and catching some rays. This is something I could get used to. I just wish the sand gnats would leave me alone.

Books, books, and more books.

I got my book list for the two classes that I am taking. I will be reading a lot. Looking forward to it! The other class I am taking, ARLH 501: History of Modern Architecture does not require a book because it is online. Should I be scared? Maybe.

HIPR 501: Communication for the Preservationist. 

Reading Historic Structures


Presentation Zen


Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers


A Manual for Writers
Thank you Dr. Cheathem, Professor Bell, and Dr. Inman for requiring this book!


Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors


Dictionary of Building Preservation
Thank you, The Hermitage for carrying this in your gift shop.


The Preservation of Historic Architecture


The Investigation of Buildings



City Life… Take Me to the Islands.

Two weeks have come and gone. It’s amazing how fast, yet how slow time has passed. It could be due to that lovely extra day in February. It was my first week alone here in Savannah so I explored. I found out that the shopping around here is not that good. There is no J. Crew. Good for my bank account, but bad for me. It has been interesting around here at night. 

With that being said, Wednesday night when I took my dog out I noticed blue lights flashing. I walked around the front of my place and saw a large group of people arrested. Later that night on the news I learned that they had a road block and arrested 15 people in my area with drug charges. They also gave out 53 citations. Good grief. Friday I ate lunch with eRl at this cute little place in Thunderbolt. The crab cakes were to die for. I told her about what I have been going through downtown. I also informed her that very morning I had a cop and sheriff knock on my door looking for the former renter. Once I told them that I was not related to said person they left. Creepy. Another even took place later on that day once I returned from the islands at an apartment close to mine. I won’t get into that, but it made me uncomfortable. 

After a call to my mom, I realized I did not feel safe in my current location. I did a lot of thinking over the weekend and driving out to the islands to make sure that I do not mind the distance. I don’t. Other events happened that made my decision even easier. I will say that this has been a learning experience. It is okay to break a lease if you do not feel safe in your own home. I even went out and bought a taser!

So today I looked a different places and found the one I love. For the exact same price that I am paying at my current location, the new place is bigger. I have room to move. Things won’t be shoved in storage containers. My dog will have room to walk around. Another thins, it is quite. City life in this area is just not for me. I can’t compare this to even downtown Nashville. It is just very different where I live right now. So as of March 19, I can move into the new place. 

This was just a little bump in the road. I am very happy with my decision to move to this new location and to be even closer to the water. More importantly, my dog will be happy and not so stressed. My old landlords already threatened to take her back. That’s not going to happen. 

Island life is the better life.