A Trip to Hilton Head

Yesterday, I drove to Hilton Head to visit a friend who was staying on the island for spring break. It’s about an hour away. Not a bad drive at all and it is a gorgeous one. I drove through a little town in South Carolina called Bluffton. I am going to have to make a trip back there for some oysters. Another thing I noticed about driving up there…. roundabouts. There are a ton!

I also brought Abbie with me since the beach I was meeting them at allowed dogs. Needless to say she was excited the whole drive. She loves car rides. Along the way, I passed the outlet mall, good to know the location of that since Savannah is lacking in the shopping area. The ocean is just beautiful. I cannot even explain how I feel just being around it. The color, the never ending view, and the thought that it can take you anyplace just makes me think. After going over some bridges and paying a toll ($1.25), I finally arrived. Bikes are all over the place. It reminded me of when my family and I used to go to Sun Valley, Idaho minus the ocean of course. I met KV and her friend at a little sandwich shop. Huge! Once we ate we headed to Colingy Beach. 

We found a little spot away from the mass crowds of people. After trying to get Abbie into the water, which was not successful we put our beach towels out and soaked up the sun. I have never seen a dog who loved to play in the sand as much as Abbie did. She also did not like the birds or people zooming past her on bikes.

While we were just sitting there minding our on business a group of college kids approached us. I am allowed to say that now since I am out, and I realize this makes me sound like an old lady. Anyways, this guy approached us, who had been drinking. This was his opening line, “Are you a Christian? I have been reading numbers all day and I don’t have yours.” Then he proceeded to tell us how he met some Baptists down the beach, and they informed him that they do not like to drink. He also asked if he could take my dog for a walk and my friend replied, “Even though you are a Christian, no.” The whole day was very relaxing. Just what I needed before classes start next week, as I will be reading 8 chapters. I will be making a trip back to that very beach very soon. Just to sum up the day in a collage of pictures… Now off to price out my books and supplies. Fun.


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