Two Months In and Some Music

It’s really hard to believe that I have been in Savannah for two months. It really seems longer. I haven’t even been in classes for a month and we are already registering for the fall and midterms are approaching. This whole quarter system is taking a while to get used to. Not much has changed in a month, well besides moving out to the island and loving it. I’ve been on a few dates that were just plain interesting. Lebanon seems to have a better selection of dating material as of now. That’s a big ole GASP. I am writing this entry while I on a plane out to San Diego for a meeting with Dad. Planes are all fancy now with WIFI. It is also near impossible for me to sleep on a plane. Believe, I have tried like crazy on this flight. Two hours. Food isn’t free and they only take cards. Not cool, and because my other flight was late getting into Charlotte I didn’t have time to eat. I want food. My body is telling  me it’s 9:36, which means I should have eaten by now. Nope. Here’s to hoping Dad wants some food when I get into Cali. Yes, I said Cali. I will post some pictures of my lovely little apartment here soon, and also some things that I have been doing in class. Maybe this weekend while Dad is in meetings? My brother will be out here late tomorrow. I know I am going to the maritime museum in San Diego! Maybe a future job….

People really need to shower. This a “airbus” I have no idea what that means, except it’s a big plane with lots of people crammed into it. The cabin starts to smell bad after a while. I really cannot think of anything entraining to put on here to help me pass the time and not bore my wonderful readers. I think I am going to put my iTunes on shuffle and see what comes up. This ought to be interesting. (We just passed over Albuquerque, NM!)

1. Waylon Jennings – The Wurlitzer Prize (I Don’t Want to Get Over You)

Not too surprising as I really do enjoy listening to him.

2. Jay – Z – Allure

3. Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away

 I recently remembered how much I love him after seeing the Hunger Games.

4. Jimmy Buffett – Tryin’ to Reason with Hurricane Season

I just love him.

5. Eric Church Jimmy Buffett  – Keep On

I swear my iTunes is not rigged, but I am liking the choices.

6. Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

Forgot I had this

7. U2 – Vertigo

Still want to see them live!

8. Ben Folds Five – Army

They are just amazing. So much love for them.

9. Hudson Mohawke – Overnight

I have no idea.

10. The Allman Brothers Band – One Way Out

11. Incubus- Drive

One of my favorites by them.

12. Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly

My brother would be very proud.

13. Led Zeppelin – All My Love

I did a research a paper on them in high school…

14. Grateful Dead – Fire on the Mountain

It’s like iTunes is telling me I am old… I also did a paper on them…

15. David Allan Coe – Tennessee Whiskey

Such a good song.

16. Keller Williams – Victory Song

This song is about fighting Martians.

17. MyNameIsJohnMichael – Every Night of the Year

He has a great voice

18. Sublime – Caress Me Down

Just give it a listen. Ha

19. Ryan Adams – Amy

He is another one I love.

20. Stone Temple Pilots – Army Ants

I think my brother gave me this CD…

21. Old Crow Medicine Show – Let It Alone

LOVE. There are also more songs than just Wagon Wheel

22. Foo Fighters – Walk

23. Snoop Dogg – Gangstas Life


24. Hank Williams III – Beer Song

Great song

25. Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet

Well that’s it! 45 minutes left!


Celebrating the Sesquicentennial at Fort Pulaski

Tonight I went with a friend to Fort Pulaski National Monument to hear the Casemate Lecture about naval experiences during the Civil War around Savannah. With it being the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, many places are going the extra mile, and that is just what Fort Pulaski is doing. Today marked the first of many events to occur. One of the main reasons I picked to go tonight – it was a lecture that had to do with maritime history and the Civil War, two of my favorite things.

A little background on Fort Pulaski, it was completed in 1847. Once Georgia joined the Confederate States, rebel troops moved in to protect the port city of Savannah. By this time the Union forces had already taken over Tybee Island. In 1862, the fort was considered bullet proof. It has 7 1/2 foot solid brick wall and they were backed with piers of masonry. The Savannah River and swampy marshes surrounded the fort on all sides. Ships of the Navy could not come safety within range, the ground was not firm enough to land on.

Fort Pulaski

On the morning of April 10, 1862, Union forces asked for surrender. Colonel Charles H. Olmstead, commander of the Confederate garrison said no. Later on, 10 inch and 13 inch mortar shells went off in the air and fell outside the fort. About two hours after it began, a shot entered and dismounted the casemate gun and injured several crew. At 11 am, the halyards on the flag pole were cut by a fragment of shell and the flag came down within the frt. The flag was carried to the northeast and it was raised once again. Once it was all over, Pulaski was taken over by the Union.

Now to what the talk was about. Ken Johnston is the Executive Directer at the National Civil War Naval Museum. His speech went into the little known facts about what happened around the fort and with many of the ironclads. My attention was caught. First of all, he is a great speaker; animated, catches the attention of everyone and he was just great! One of the reasons the Confederate Army occupied Fort Pulaski, it was a great flanking position. As mentioned before, it was a great fort in the 1860’s, but it did not make it against the assault that involved the parrott rifle.

Ironclads played a crucial role as well. The first one he talked about,the CSS Atlanta.

It originally started out as a merchant ship and was used to run blockades in Savannah. One issue, it got trapped in Savannah and could not get out. It then was turned into an ironclad to be used for the Confederates. It became slow and leaked, but one good thing about it – the engines were perfect. It went into battle against the Union blockade, and 15 minuets in after it took a turn to port, it slammed into a mudbank. The Union ships pound away with smooth bore cannons and crack it open. The Atlanta surrenders. Union Navy boarded and waited two hours for the tide to come in. It was then taken to Virginia to be rebuilt. After that it was sold to Haiti, on the way down it sank just off of Cape Hatteras.

A side note, officers in the US and CSS Navy wore the same colors.

Summer 1864. USS Hunchback 


 It started out as a ferry boat in New York. The interesting thing about this ship, it has a crewman from Savannah on it. His position was a laborer. The US Navy was integrated and had been since the American Revolution. They also received the same pay and medical care. One could say that the Navy at this time was socially progressive.

USS Waterwitch

This ship was part of the Union blockade. It was a unique ship because it could be powered under sail and also under steam. We call that today hybrid power, funny thing that’s what called it back then! June 3, 1864, six CSS boats went out to capture it. The crew of the Waterwitch was not motivated because there enlistment period had been up for three months. At 2 am, the Confederate ships attacked and the Union enlisted men did not do a thing. In both Confederate and Union reports, it is said that only one Union enlisted man fought back and that was Jeremiah Sills, freeborn black man from New York. The Union officers went into action as well. The paymaster came up to deck with two Colt Navy 44. Sills is at the bow firing any weapon he can find. The Confederate plan is to capture the Union blockade by surprise, then sail to the next and do it over. The Confederate pilot (navigator ) is killed. His name was Moses Dallas and he was a nominal slave, legally owned, but he was given liberty by his owner. He makes enough money to buy his family’s freedom, but not his. He stayed a slave so he could keep working as a boat pilot. Another interesting thing, being a pilot automatically makes one an officer. Moses is killed and once that happens, the raid has failed.

On the Union ship there is a man named Peter McIntosh. He escaped slavery in 1863 from Savannah. He knows that if he is recognized he will be captured and killed. To avoid this, he jumped overboard and swam to Raccoon Key, a little island close to Fort Pulaski. He is the only US sailor that is not captured.

After he finished his lecture my friend and I stuck around to listen to some Q&A. We were the youngest one there, so he seem surprised by it. After talking to him and telling him my interests he proceeded to ask me if I was looking for an internship. I told him yes and this his museum covers my two favorite things. He then whipped, yes whipped out his card and told me to email him. Don’t any of you worry, I am going to do that very thing. I am still not sure how far Columbus, GA is, but working for him would be amazing.


But You Go to an Art School…

Maybe it’s the people I have met, but this seems to be the excuse for lots of things. Excessive drinking, smoking, drugs, and other things that are illegal in all fifty states. Oh, but it’s an art school!

Yes, I go to an art school, no I do not feel the need to express my emotions through painting while on something because for one, I cannot paint. You do whatever you need to do to get going, I’ll just sit by the pool and read.

And that is what I have been doing. Reading. I’ve learned a ton about European Architecture from the beginnings. It’s interesting to go outside and know what type of thing you are looking at and where it came from. My preservation class is all finished with learning how to cite papers (YAY!) so now it is on to learning about interiors and how to draft. Speaking of drafting….

Draft away

It’s so pretty. It will be put to good use this week from what I have gathered. Im excited about it! I also had to pay a visit to the eye doctor because the pollen here hates my eyes and me wearing contacts. The resolution, cuts under my eyelids and new glasses. Here’s the “I look like I go to art school” photo.

I think it’s a pretty good picture of myself. New hair and new seeing eye glasses. Yes, I also got my hair trimmed, but because of the humidity here it does not stat straight. At all. Gasp. My glasses seem to attract looks from guys, either because I look like a fool or there’s something in my teeth. This happened Thursday at the Savannah Sand Gnats baseball game. I got the stare down a few times. Ha. I also sat next to this little creature before they were kicked out of the game.

It was a good game and they won. Not much has gone on here. I went to my first Young Life club tonight and had a ton of fun. I also found out that I received the History Associates of Wilson County award tonight from my undergraduate institution. It is given to someone who is very interested in the subject and insight too. It figures the one time I get an award is when I no longer live in the state. I am very thankful for it, and wish that I could have been there to accept it. So thank you Cumberland for giving me the love for history.

That is all for tonight. Bed calls me so the books can do the same in the morning.

Ready. Set. Full Steam Ahead.

What a weekend and what a Monday night. Kentucky got number 8. I love this team. I won’t get into everything because I know most of you could care less.

So I’ll do a recap my weekend. I went to Tybee Island with E. Soaked up the sun until it started raining and ate an amazing snow cone. I came back to get ready for the final four. Dominated. I was set up with a friend without me knowing. He likes UK, that’s a good thing. We started out at Molly’s which is a little Irish pub. Very good and then headed to Rooftops. Another nice little stop. Savannah is very different at night. This place is located in an area called City Market. Live music, tons of people walking around, and tons of bars. I met some more people, one goes to another place doing preservation and met a girl who is getting her BFA at SCAD right now. Saturday night was fun. It was nice to get out and do something.

Sunday involved cleaning, reading, and reading. This week is go week with class. Full steam ahead. Monday we spent the day outside walking around and learning about different buildings. I loved it, minus the 90 degree weather. I better get used to that. Afterwords I met up with the someone and watched Manchester United, got some dinner at a not so great tapas place and watched the national championship. OHHHHHHHH. I won’t I promise. C A T S CATS CATS CATS. Sorry I had to.

My plane tickets are booked to come home in a month to walk across that wonderful little stage and still not receive my diploma until whenever they send it out. I’m excited to come home. It’ll be great to see everyone. I also just found out that I got invited to the awards thing back at Cumberland, but can’t make it because you know, I don’t live there anymore.

Time to get back to reading. Just a little side note. The amount of reading I have to do this week is crazy. I see why everyone says I’ll have no life.

And I leave you with this.