Old Dream Maker, You Heart Breaker

Monday I went for a little paddle on Moon River here in Savannah. I think I have finally mastered the art of hoisting the kayak on the roof of my car. It really is an art form, especially when you are short. Kayaking is the closet thing I have to a boat and being able to get out on the water on my own. When we first got out, the current was against us. Took a really long time to go a very short distance. Coming back though, it was must easier. I barely had to paddle! Thankfully my kayak has a rudder so all I had to do was steer the little thing. I took some pictures of the day. It is so beautiful in the coast here, minus the hot weather and the horrible time I am having with my allergies. This weekend will be a great one because tomorrow is my last day at work and my best friend and her mom are coming to visit!!

My boat is the blue one.

Just some navigation. I like to know where I am going.

I don’t know what I am doing…

Well, I better get to cleaning.


Moment in the Sun

Today I woke up to horrible news. A shooting, more like mass shooting had occurred in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight showing of the Dark Night Rises. I cannot imagine what the emotions are out there. I heard the behavioral FBI say that all this man wanted to do was have his moment in the sun. She said he has already achieved it because he now has a page on Wikipedia. It did not take long at all for him to become famous. I hope justice is served, and he does not get the easy way out, or decide to take it. I decided to turn the TV off because there is only so much one person can take when it comes to hearing such a horrible thing. This is not a long post, and it really does not make much sense. I guess I am using this as a way to let everything soak in.

So go hug your loved ones, and spend time with your family, friends or just get out. Life is truly too short, and we never know when it will end.

Carry Me Back

I have been waiting for today for a while now, or whenever it was that Old Crow Medicine Show  announced that their new album would be out today. I set up my iTunes to automatically download right at 12am. So when I woke up from my slumber this morning, it was there and ready to be listened to. Really, what on earth did we of before iTunes and the ability to download music? I digress. It is a great album if I do say so myself. This is their 7th full length album and it shows. While “Wagon Wheel” will still hold a special place in everyone’s hearts, there should be many new favorites that pop up. So get off your bum and go get this amazing CD, or be lazy and download legally of course like me!



The track listing is as follows.

1. Carry Me Back to Virginia
One of my favorite lines in this song “We fought for the Rebels and Robert E. Lee, now we wanna go home to Virginia”
2. We Don’t Grow Tobacco
3. Levi
Another favorite so far. “Levi gazed his eyes out through the rocket glare, beyond the desert and the ocean, to the furthest fields of home, and
when the bullets pierced his body he was already gone”
4. Bootleggers Boy
A song about alcohol. Perfect.
5. Ain’t It Enough
“Show me a river, I’ll show you an ocean. I’ll show you a caste turn into sand.  For we rise and we fall, and we crash on the coastline, and only our love will last ’til the end.”
6. Mississippi Saturday Night
7. Steppin’ Out
8. Genevieve
9. Country Gal
10. Half Mile Down
Song about the men from DC coming and building a dam in a little small town
11. Sewanee Mountain Catfight
Another one you can tap your foot too. And it is funny as well.
12. Ways of Man

I’ll leave you with this quote.

“When we play blues it is hillbilly string band blues. When we play folk it is hillbilly string band folk. It comes from our origins as a band. We played street corners so well that they invited us indoors! We played dive bars so well they invited us on the Opry!” – Ketch Secor

Technology Hates Me

It has been about 3 weeks since I got my new computer. I can finally say  that I am now done transferring everything over. Technology hates me. I tried to transfer everything over wirelessly, but that didn’t work. So I manually transferred everything over. Good grief I have a lot of pictures. That is what this post is dedicated to, my life though some of my favorite pictures. Here we go.

My brother and I. I have no idea how old I am here.

Here’s another one!

18th birthday. Still short and so much skinnier.

First semester in AOII. Fall Fest at Cumberland

Saying goodbye to the Land Yacht

Little Jimmy D.

Eric Church… there will be a reoccurring theme here…

Jimmy Buffett Concert, or the night the rain poured down

Spring break with some of the best guys ever!



Heli Pad. Nootka, Island, BC

Sunset in Green Hills

Hot air balloon ride in Tuscany, Italy

Fishing in the Keys

Climbing at Bandalier National Monument, New Mexico

Graduation with Professor Bell

Precious Abbie

This concludes the enormous amount of pictures post. That is all.

The Old Try: Bringing Tennessee to Georgia

Moving away from my wonderful state of Tennessee has been hard. It’s been lonely, and scary. It’s all part of growing up. We all get homesick. I discovered this little website, The Old Try, a while back. They have great products for anyone who has moved away, or out of the South. The company is based in Massachusetts, but they are still making products that show the love of Dixie. As for me, I fell in love with their prints. They are unique, and have numbered prints. The price is not bad at all. This a good and bad thing, seeing as I have already bought two!

 I bought the Free Republic print not too long ago and it hangs above my fireplace.

I will not hold anything against this great company for making a UT print… but it would look very nice a Volunteers fan household.

They also partner with some other companies and recently with Historic Beaufort Foundation. I just might be adding this to my collection.

And then there is this gorgeous print over at Bourbon & Boots.

If you need a reminder of where you come from, and it is in the south, I highly suggest you check out this great company just above the Mason and Dixon Line.

I guarantee it will make you feel at home.

Dreams Be Dreams

I am trying not to use my laptop as much since I have a fancy new desktop, but yet I am writing this from my iPad. Odd. I am still getting used to the whole not using my computer while at the TV, but I do not feel as lazy.

Anyways. I seems to have the dream over and over here recently. I am scuba diving at a ship wreck in some very beautiful water. It is blue as anything. I don’t know exactly what I am doing and all, but it seems to be important. I am with a bunch of people underwater and am swimming all throughout this massive ship. All of a sudden I find a thing, yes, a thing. Whatever this thing is I know its very precious to whatever I am researching. As I surface, it is some ship from the 1700s. It’s what I have always searched for and apparently I found it. Then I wake up.

First off, I want to know what I found and where the heck I am because I want and need to go there ASAP. Secondly, this is like my dream, no pun intended, job or well life.

So I am going to go watch the movie that I would love to be my life, Fools Gold.

Maritime history, I am back.


Happy birthday America, a day late. Sorry for the belated wish, but I was out celebrating on the water yesterday. It was a very relaxing day and also very nice to get out on the water. They held fireworks here on Tuesday.

Dad came into town about two weeks ago. He was here for a short time, but it was great to see him. We went fly fishing the day after he got here. 6:30 am. Whew, early day. Very early. It was fun, the guide, adorable. We went fishing for redfish. 

They all stay together and when they move they create small waves. It’s really neat to see them move about. They also get spooked real easy. Dad plans on coming back in the fall since we will have become expert casters by then. Hah. Totally different than fishing for trout out west. Casting 10 feet v 30 feet. HUGE difference. I am going to get a lesson from extremely good looking guide this coming Sunday.

Also, while dad was here, I got a new computer. Woo! I also got a GA stop at school! Woo! This is not much of a post. Sorry about that!