Happy birthday America, a day late. Sorry for the belated wish, but I was out celebrating on the water yesterday. It was a very relaxing day and also very nice to get out on the water. They held fireworks here on Tuesday.

Dad came into town about two weeks ago. He was here for a short time, but it was great to see him. We went fly fishing the day after he got here. 6:30 am. Whew, early day. Very early. It was fun, the guide, adorable. We went fishing for redfish. 

They all stay together and when they move they create small waves. It’s really neat to see them move about. They also get spooked real easy. Dad plans on coming back in the fall since we will have become expert casters by then. Hah. Totally different than fishing for trout out west. Casting 10 feet v 30 feet. HUGE difference. I am going to get a lesson from extremely good looking guide this coming Sunday.

Also, while dad was here, I got a new computer. Woo! I also got a GA stop at school! Woo! This is not much of a post. Sorry about that!


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