From Bald Mountain to the Sawtooth’s





I have finally arrived in Sun Valley, Idaho. Okay, I have been here since Sunday afternoon. All is well here and we are not burning from the forest fire. I honesty did not know that there was one until I went to board the plane in Salt Lake and was told that the flight might be diverted to Twin Falls, ID if the smoke was too bad in the valley. SkyWest also would not be paying for the $20 bus ride. Thankfully we made it. I forgot how pretty it is here.

Flight into the Valley

Yesterday was spent on a little hike up Bald Mountain. It is right outside of Sun Valley in Ketchum. The hike was 5 miles with a nice lookout around 2.5. I am not much of a hiker so I was not looking forward to it. I forgot all about it and just took in the beauty of what I was looking at and also trying to survive the mountain bikers racing by me. The paths are onto very big at all.

Bald Mountain Trail Head

After about 3 hours I reached the top. I got sidetracked taking pictures of the paragliders. Once I reached it, I soon learned why I was seeing all of these people flying through the air; the World Cup qualifier was going on for paragliding. I had no idea that even existed. I sat behind the yellow line and took tons of pictures. It was just to cool to watch them take out and just be flying.

Top of Baldy.

Most of these guys were not very fit and did not look like athletes at all. They just let the wind take them wherever they needed to go! Words cannot describe it.

Setting up

Lift off

So cool

After some lunch I headed down the mountain and back to the Valley. I rented a bike to head out to the Ernest Hemingway Memorial.

Excise the car, guy pulled up as I snapped this. Rude.

I came here all the time as a kid when we used to vacation here during the summer. I don’t know what it is about it, but it is so relaxing. Also I good place to just come and reflect.

Best of all he loved the fall, the leaves yellow on the cottonwoods and leaves floating on the trout streams.

Monday was a great day. Today however was dedicated to fly fishing. I do not have pictures of the fish I got, I left my camera in the car. Opps. They were very small rainbow and cutthroat trout. I took some of the view off the take out point and the drive down from Stanley. They speak for themselves.

Salmon River

Sawtooth National Park


Lewis and Clark

Area of the Idaho Wildfires. 19 miles from this point

Tomorrow is another day full of fly fishing. Lets hope for bigger fish!














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