Hello October

Where is fall? I miss it like crazy!

This past weekend was spent cleaning up Butter Bean Beach on Skidaway Island State Park. Or maybe it was across the river from it. I am not sure.

There was so much trash. It was disgusting and I just honestly could not believe it. I will show you the good pictures from the day.

Dead animal, crab, bottle and pretty sunset

Okay, so that is my only picture. Oh well.

In other news I ruptured my ear drum. Don’t even ask how. I am a klutz. Now I have to make a very important choice. Do I want to continue to scuba dive and take a very great risk on losing my hearing if it were to happen again, or say to heck with it.

I will be doing some very hard thinking and praying, but I will mostly likely follow my gut. Hearing is very important.

At least I won’t have to worry about spending money to maintain my expensive hobby!

I am hoping to have to pretty cool pictures of Tybee Island Lighthouse tomorrow after I do my condition report!

Happy October y’all!