Sketch It Up

The third week of classes are officially over. The quarter has been going well and that scares me slightly. 7 more weeks to go! Anyways…

I am taking Preservation Law online, so not much is going on in that class besides discussions and quizzes which are terrible.

Building Assessments is going great! Today we went to a house that is downtown and is supposedly one of the oldest that is not preserved. That is in the works right now.  I took some pictures of what we saw today!



plaster lath

plaster lath

Beaver Board

Beaver Board

Original wallpaper to 19th century.

Original wallpaper to 19th century.

"bow tie"

“bow tie”




I liked the door knob.

I liked the door knob.


There's lead on that door.

There’s lead on that door.

The other class is digital technology in preservation. This has been interesting so far, and more hands on. Actually, all the classes are more hands on than the ones last quarter. The first project we worked on worked with Google Sketchup. I cannot explain how to use it as it was a bunch of clicking and messing up and frustration, but the project is over and all turned in. I picked Alfred’s Cabin, which is located at the Hermitage back in Nashville. It is a log cabin, and I thought there would be a texture for it, but no, I made all the logs.


The top left picture is the east elevation of the cabin and the right is the west. Obviously the bottom is the roof. When the project was all completed, I felt accomplished with something. Seeing the results can really make one feel better.

That’s it for tonight!







When Summer Comes Along

I hope to be someplace warm and by the water. The internship application process has started.

I am looking at museum internships in the object conservation area, and also in preservation and museum curation.

My main interest is to get involved with maritime museums and my top pick is in Key West.

I know, rough life.


There are also museums in Alabama, California, Texas, the Caribbean, Alaska and New Orleans.

We will see what happens.

Oh yeah and the home of Robert E. Lee.


Here’s to hopefully having a great summer!

One week has come and gone in the Winter quarter here at SCAD.

So here it is, the books for winter quarter.

Preservation Law and Advocacy

This class is online this quarter. I am not as excited as I thought I would be so far… we shall see how it goes.

Building Assessment Strategies I
I am very excited about this class! It is, hopefully, going to be a lot of hands on work. The professor is awesome too.

Digital Communication for Preservation
I am excited, and a little nervous for this class. I am not the best with computer design, so we will see how this goes! My first project is creating Alfred’s Cabin from the Hermitage in google sketch up. Oh boy.

Here’s to another great quarter!

Under the Sea

I mentioned in my last post about my trip to Key Largo, FL over New Years with my brother. He has been busy with finishing medical school and interviewing for residency programs all over  the US. I had my nice 6 week break from grad school, and once I got cleared to dive again we decided that maybe we should take a little trip.

So that is what we did. We headed down there after some travel issues due to the crazy winter storms that were occurring. The weather was warm the next day when we woke up and sunny! Such a nice change from the cold weather Nashville had been having. Friday was a day that was dedicated to diving. My brother and I are already certified with PADI as open water divers, and now we stared working our way to advanced open water diver. This means you can do deeper dives, and just see more things. We went with Pirate Island Divers located in Key Largo. I highly recommend them as they are amazing! We did two dives that day, both of them being shallow, around 30 feet. The first dive was at a reef and it was fish ID. Nothing too exciting, but we were getting the feel of things again. The second dive was at another reef and was all about controlling yourself underwater and doing a hover, something I needed to work on! It was a great day. We left for an early dinner at Wahoo’s in Islamorada. We feasted on some great oysters and amazing key lime pie!


The next day was a full day of diving! We arrived at the shop at 7:30 to leave the dock at 8. The first dive that we would be doing was a deep dive, and it also included a wreck! Needless to say I was very excited about it. It was a rough ride out to the stop as the waves were very active. We got all situated and entered the water from the bow of the boat and used the ascent line to head down to the Wreck of the Spiegel Grove. We were right around 100 feet underwater. It was amazing. In 2002, this 510 foot Navy ship was sunk. In 2005, Hurricane Dennis turned the ship upright from its previous position on the starboard side. The ship spent 12 years in the James River. In June 2001, it was towed to undergo a cleaning process and then was relocated to Key Largo. On May 17, 2002, the ship unexpectadly sank. From 1956 to its decommissioning in 1989, this ship helped enforce America’s Cold War strategy of containment, which called for rushing troops and equipment to help support friendly governments.

The flag still flies, just underwater

The flag still flies, just underwater

The second dive site was another wreck, but was not as deep. This was the Wreck of the Benwood. This dive site is located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. It is 285 feet long. This sailed a crew of 38 with 12 rifles and one four inch gun. The actual sinking occurred in 1942, but it has been said that it might not have happened as well. One account says that it was torpedoed during WWII by a German sub off of the Florida Keys. The captain sailed her in search of shallow waters, but was hit again, by a passing ship, the Robert C. Tuttle. A second account claims that the two ships collied. Rumors of German U-boats in the area required her to travel blacked out. The Tuttle was also blacked out. After the Benwood sank, her bow was destroyed to avoid navigation issues and her hull was used for bombing practice. The remains of the bow now lie in 25 feet of water.

Jake and I

Jake and I



We ate at a nice little place that I cannot remember the name of, but the view was gorgeous.


The next two days we did not dive due to the weather and sea conditions. We wondered around the Keys  ate a lot of seafood and all around had a great 4 days. I’ll leave you with some pictures!

Lunch at Robbie's

Lunch at Robbie’s






Welcome 2013!

I welcomed the new year by flying back home to Nashville from Key Largo, FL. I will post on that trip later on! This post is dedicated to my 101 in 1001! I have done a horrible job on updating it, and I have also updated some of the things as I realized I will never be able to do some of the things due to my arthritis. Dang you!

2. Do a volunteer project with Historic Savannah Foundation (10/13/12)
I did this with the student preservation club at SCAD. We worked on revolving fund properties with HSF.



3. Go on an adventure, big or small, every month (7/22)
Between roaming around Savannah, random travel, the adventures keep coming!

4. Complete a couch to 5k training program (11/1/12)
I did this between walking and riding a bike since I cannot run.

12. Make my bed everyday for a month  (completed in October 2012)

15. Go out west (8/20/12)
Sun Valley, Idaho!

16. Go wreck diving (12/29/12)
This occurred this past week! More to come…

17. Attend a spin class (9/21/12)
YMCA. Kicked my butt

18. Go line dancing (10/13/12)

19. Have a gluten, dairy, and egg free Thanksgiving (11/22/12)
I didn’t even eat a thanksgiving meal since we went to Sperry’s. I had pork chops.

23. Find a church (9/2012)

26. Go kayaking at least once a month, weather permitting (7/22)

28. Take a random road trip (12/21/21)
I went to Birmingham, Alabama to visit two of my friends.

29. Re-read Catcher in the Rye (11/27/12)

36. Try 10 new restaurants (10/10)
1. Molly McGuire
2. AJ Dockside Grill
3. Clary’s Cafe
4. Alligator Soul
5. Green Truck Pub
6. Sugar Wagon food truck
7. Just Like Nannie Fixed It food truck
8. Locos
9. Bar Food
10.  The Well

40. Read 50 new books (12/50)
1. Explorers of the Infinite
2. Love Does
3. Girl Meets God
4. Good Life Wasted
5. Dances with Trout
6. Another Lousy Day in Paradise
7. In the Name of Jesus
8. Sea Hunters II
9. A River Runs through It
10. Kisses from Katie
11. Girls in White Dresses
12. Perfectly Unique 

46. Learn to stand up paddle board (7/30/12)

49. Play the banjo (11/22/12)

50. Go fly fishing (6/24/12)

56. Wear my glasses for one week (10/1-7/12)

58. Vote in 2012 (10/9/12)
Absentee ballot!

61. Learn how to use photoshop (7/24/12)

65. Get a professional massage (8/2012)

72. Watch the Wonder Years from start to finish on Netflix (7/25/12)

77. Go mountain biking (8/20/12)

78. Swim everyday for a week (8/2012)

79. Donate clothes to Goodwill (11/13/12)

82. Shuck oysters (11/17/12)

83. Bike to the bank for one month (7/2012)

84. Go to a concert without planning (11/24/12)
Saw some bluegrass at the Station Inn

85. Ride a horse (8/20/12)
Stanley, Idaho

91. Watch the summer ’12 Olympics (8/2012)

96. Swim in a tide pool (7/20/12)

98. Visit a National Park (8/2012)
Sawtooth National Park, Idaho

99. Go rafting (8/2012)

100. Stop chewing gum for one month (7/2012)