Sunny San Diego


The sun is always shining here in San Diego. Fact.

The morning brings in all the moisture from the bay referred to as gloom and something else. Tomorrow starts the gloom June.

The first week involved going to Target just about everyday and an adventure in Ikea. I was not too impressed and too much stuff to put together. No thank you.

I went up to Cardiff By the Sea to head to the Patagonia store so I could pick up my brothers graduation gift. It is mostly Patagonia surfing essentials. Gorgeous area though.


This is Pipes Beach. Big breaks as a swell moved in that week. The surfer dudes were in heaven.

I ventured out to Fashion Valley Mall. HUGE. Expensive. Bad for my bank account.

I cooked my first meal in my studio, salmon.

I was hoping to go all seafood and no white or red meat, but I soon learned that seafood is very expensive out here.

Same with gas, $5.00 a galloon.


View from the pool deck of my building. Not too bad.

Every Saturday they have the Farmers Market two blocks over from my building. It is huge and there are all kinds of things there. Seafood, to meat, to veggies and fruit. It is all so yummy. I stocked up my freezer with some fresh meat from a local organic farm.

After that I drove up to La Jolla to check it out. Traffic galore. Gorgeous. Expensive cars, massive houses, nice cars, pretty people.

The next day I met up with some of my cousins on my Dads side of the family that live out here. They took me out to dinner in Seaport Village.




Also had a nice view of the naval base across the way.

The next day, Memorial Day, I went back to La Jolla for some kelp diving, but that is another post.

I also remembered that my birthday is tomorrow. 25. Lordy.


Adventure Across America

I have made it to San Diego. Sunday will mark my two week mark here in Sunny San Diego.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.52.19 PM

I finally have internet today after learning my Mifi is not the best for streaming Netflix. Whoops.

I also uploaded my pictures from across America.

I left Tennessee on May 15 and arrived out here on May 19.

My internship started this week, and it has been good so far.

This post is about the road trip out., in pictures!

IMG_3744My copilot slept most of the way. Rough life.


Abbie and I could not enter the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial because she is a dog so we had coffee while everyone toured the area. Crazy to think that the following tornados would rip through the state.

IMG_3754This also happened.


The big cross in Groom, TX

IMG_3774Former classmates at a ghost town.


Yes. Wagon Wheel


Abbie made friends at the Coronado National Monument


I decided not to go through Mexico.


Overlook in Arizona


1976 Landcruiser. Yuma, AZ.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.08.22 AM

What one does for fun in Yuma.

That is all for tonight. Off to Chicago tomorrow because the big brother is graduating med school!

Jimmy Brings the Rain

The end of April meant one thing to me: Jimmy Buffett with one of absolute best friend. Also referred to as my younger little bigger than me brother. Ben is a parrothead, heck he even has a tattoo of one on his back.

The day started off with rain. For those of us that attended the Jimmy show in 2010, we all remember what occurred after the concert. The great Nashville flood. No flood this year, but rain jackets were out in full force.

Jimmy sang his usual songs and also introduced 4 new songs of his upcoming album, Songs from St. Somewhere releasing in the summer. It was great to hear him play some songs that I have never heard him sing live, like Morris Nightmare. There were the usuals like Fins, Pirate Looks at Forty, Come Monday and the Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Downtown was flooded with people since the Country Music Marathon had taken place earlier that day. We never made it to Margaritaville, just to Rippy’s right across the street from the arena. Since my memory does not serve me to well… I blame the rum, so here are some pictures.



I spy Surrounded by Imbeciles


Sorry for the short post, but today is my last day in Nashville and I must continue to pack my life away and all into my car.

Let the adventure begin.

On Stage at the Ryman

This past Thursday night my Dad and I attended the Opry Classics at the Ryman here in Nashville.

Our dear friend, and a patient of my dad’s was the MC that night – Larry Gatlin.

Dad and I were backstage for the event. It always amazing to be backstage at the Ryman because it is very intimate.

The performers are wondering around and talking to everyone.

This night was very relaxed compared to other Opry events at the Ryman.

Larry got down in the crowd and answered questions from them and ran across the stage while people were up there singing.

Little Jimmy was not there, which was very surprising.

The night went on like every other night with the Opry Singers singing and dancing.

Larry sang one of his famous songs… All the Gold in California, which is very fitting for me at the moment since I am moving there in two days!

Others sang that night, like Lorrie Morgan, and her son.

Here are a few pictures from the night.

Alligator Man, Jimmy Newman

Alligator Man, Jimmy Newman


Dad and I

Dad and I



After intermission, Larry went on stage to thank his heavenly doctor and then his earthly doctor, being my own father for saving his voice. Dad even said he still gets chills

every time Larry hits the high notes. Larry had Dad come on stage and introduced him to the crowd. I stood taking pictures and being a very proud daughter until I

heard my name. Larry motioned for me to come on the stage. In front of people. Talk about nerves! First off, I do not know how singers can look past the light, or maybe I am just really short.

Not many can say they have stood on the Ryman’s stage with their own father and dear friend, but I can say that now.

Bittersweet night with the ones I love.

Not to mention Dad started getting texts from his friends saying that they heard our names on the WSM station.

This is why Nashville is the best city. Period.


Welcome Back.

To reading.

So much has happened.

I have already mentioned Fiji, but in 6 days I will be moving to San Diego!


I will be there until early November doing an internship at the Maritime Museum of San Diego and working with object conservation. I also have the opportunity to help reproduce a Spanish galleon ship, and learn how

to sail the tall ship that is currently there.

Everything has worked out so perfectly, it is amazing.

I have moved back to Nashville and unpacked everything just to repack my clothes once more and pile it into my car for a 5 day drive out west.

My apartment is 5 blocks from where I will be working. It is also 450 square feet. TINY!

It will be awesome.

Now to update you wonderful readers on events that have occurred since in the last month.

Old Crow Medicine Show

Carry me back.

Carry me back.

Great show, just like always. They were there for the Savannah Music Festival.


I came home for Dad’s birthday and we went the Pred’s game. I also got great news from my rheumatoid arthritis doctor, I am in remission! JUMPING! I am slowly coming off some of these crazy medications. Finally. So happy.


I went up to Baltimore to visit my mom who is getting treatments for her smell issues.

I did all the touristy things, like the aquarium and the maritime museum there!



Oysters with Mom

Oysters with Mom

Trash boat

Trash boat

Fish in the aquarium

Fish in the aquarium

San Diego

This trip was solely to find an apartment, which I did.

Here is the neighborhood in which I will be living.

Little Italy

Little Italy

I also took the ferry over to Coronado and rode the bike around the island. I ended up on the Naval Base… I do not recommend doing that.

The Move Home

The day before I left for home, I got in a car wreck.



It was not my fault, and Lola got totaled. So I got a new car.



Other than that, not much has been going on besides packing and buying a camping table to serve as my kitchen table.

Oh yeah, I also went to South Beach, and saw Jimmy Buffett again. More on that later.