Something Clever

I really do not have much to say today. I have been diving since Thursday, and no pictures to show. Darn classes! I completed my night dive specialty last week, and also my wreck and deep diver! Only need two more and 5 more dives to become a master diver. Yippie!

Actually, I lied. I have some pictures from last Sunday’s dive.


970056_4960767746185_499041520_nMore kelp.

988226_4960782386551_501880257_nTrain Wheel cavern

Work has been great, nothing too much going on there!

So to make this post somewhat fun, I am going to put my iTunes on shuffle and see what happens!

1. One Hit Wonder – Keller Williams
2. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
3. Sentimental Guy – Ben Folds
4. Great Rain – John Prine
5. Skokiaan – Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers
6. Volunteers – Megafun
7. Opium – moe.
8. Do it Anyway – Ben Folds Five
9. Contact – Daft Punk
10. Soft Touch – Depeche Mode
11. Sally Anne – Old Crow Medicine Show
12. Uncaged – Zac Brown Band
13. Close Your Eyes – Chemical Brothers
14. Living of Love – Avett Brothers
15. The Song Remains the Same – Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Buffett did not even make the random list. How sad. Time to go clean the wetsuits and dive gear…

Until next time.


Meet Abbie: The Best Beagle Butt

It occurred to me I have not done a post about my wonderful dog Abbie.


She’s been in my life for almost 3 years now. Crazy to even think that! She has her weird side, like most dogs. She loves her blanket, and will take over any that is in her sight. 307832_2088494101139_2001485228_n

She’s almost like a little human. She loves squirrels, and hates cats. HATES cats so much that she injures herself because she forgot that there is a glass door….

She also likes sleeping under the bed.


She’s been a blessing to me and a great travel companion. I really don’t think she signed up for moving to two different states and driving across the country! I could not have asked for a better dog…even when my floor is covered in dog hair, or she pops my air mattress or steals food off the table.

Thanks for being the best and cutest stinky beagle butt there is.

Under the Sea: Night Edition

This past Thursday I did my first night dive! Nerve-racking? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Partially, my mask kept flooding the whole time, and weight all messed up, and I couldn’t really see anything. It was still awesome.

Here are some pictures, I cannot take credit for these though. My dive buddy has the awesome camera with crazy flash attachments.

Credit: Sam Sculpin

Credit: Sam

Credit: Sam

Credit: Sam

I have my night check out dives tonight. Slightly nervous, just how I always am when I have people watching me do things that I must get right, and I suck at navigation. Period.

Hopefully I pass!

Tomorrow is another full day of diving…. 4 tank boat trip. Hopefully I will get some good pictures!

1001 in 101 Update

I am horrible at this, but I have lots, well I think at least, updates. So here we go.

3. Go on an adventure, big or small, every month (12/22)
I would say the move back to Nashville and then out to California was one. There have been others, like the Jimmy concerts and who knows what else.

6. Walk 5K – 2.23.13
The Race for Preservation in Savannah, GA

14. Join a yoga class – January 2013
I did this for a month before my arthritis started crawling back out of the woodwork. I stopped, and now have found Pure Barre. The best thing ever.

22. Stay up to date with class work – DONE!
I no longer have to worry about this because I am done with school!

25. Go one whole month without buying things I do not need. (Feb – March 2013)
Easier than I thought.

34. No sweet tea for one month – December 2012
Easy. I can now drink unsweet tea which is a good thing because I have only found once place with it in San Diego and it is nasty.

40. Read 50 new books (/50)
13. Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing
14. Dive from Clausen’s Pier
15. Deep, Dark and Dangerous: On the Bottom with Northwest Salvage Divers 
16. Atocha: Treasure, Adventure, the Sweat of the Sun and Tear of the Moon
17. The Admirals: Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy and King: The 5 Star Admirals who Won the War at Sea
18. Deep Descent: Death on the Andrea Doria
19. Nazi Officers Wife
20. Hemingway on Fly Fishing
21. Treasure: Search for the Atocha
22. Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea 

41. Dog park everyday for one week – Last week of May 2013
This has really become an everyday affair

47. Music Festival – March 22, 2013
Savannah Music Festival to see Old Crow Medicine Show

55. Move to another state – May 2013

64. Help preserve history – Summer/Winter 2013)
Currently doing that at my internship

Diving Helmet

Diving Helmet

 81. Buy a random person coffee 3.5.13
Drive-thru at Starbucks. I was in a good mood

90. Donate change at the end of one month – April 2013
When packing, one always finds lost of coins

I am aiming for the next item to be learning how to surf.

Who knows, maybe I will go skinny dipping in the ocean.

Nine Year Old Kids and Ghosts

Yesterday I spent the night on the Star of India with around 80 nine year old kids.

Talk about a good form of birth control.

There is not much to talk about except I got stuck in a cabin with 5 kids in a room where someone apparently died.

I am sure plenty of people died in that ship.

Anyway, the ghost pushed me out of my bed. Or maybe a kid did to be funny. It wasn’t.

I also had to take those 5 kids and keep an eye on them while we did “watch” duty from 3 am to 4 am.

Maybe this is why I am cranky.

I think the ghost also put something in my food because I keep getting sick.

Besides that adventure, San Diego has not been so sunny.

June gloom.

Of course it is sunny today while I am in bed.

In other news,  I went diving again with the same company. They are great. If any of my readers are ever in San Diego or close by, check them out! SD Expeditions has snorkel tours, guided diving and scuba classes. Just two guys who love to dive and share the love with others. Pardon the hippie phrase. It is true though. I have used the same guy twice and each time he has explained everything in great detail before getting into the water. Next step is wreck diving and I am going to be going with this amazing company!

However, I am still waiting to see a shark!