Nine Year Old Kids and Ghosts

Yesterday I spent the night on the Star of India with around 80 nine year old kids.

Talk about a good form of birth control.

There is not much to talk about except I got stuck in a cabin with 5 kids in a room where someone apparently died.

I am sure plenty of people died in that ship.

Anyway, the ghost pushed me out of my bed. Or maybe a kid did to be funny. It wasn’t.

I also had to take those 5 kids and keep an eye on them while we did “watch” duty from 3 am to 4 am.

Maybe this is why I am cranky.

I think the ghost also put something in my food because I keep getting sick.

Besides that adventure, San Diego has not been so sunny.

June gloom.

Of course it is sunny today while I am in bed.

In other news,  I went diving again with the same company. They are great. If any of my readers are ever in San Diego or close by, check them out! SD Expeditions has snorkel tours, guided diving and scuba classes. Just two guys who love to dive and share the love with others. Pardon the hippie phrase. It is true though. I have used the same guy twice and each time he has explained everything in great detail before getting into the water. Next step is wreck diving and I am going to be going with this amazing company!

However, I am still waiting to see a shark!


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