Shuffle Time

It has been a busy past few weeks here in my life. I started a part time job at Zoe’s Kitchen, pretty freaking good, and my first class just wrapped up this past Friday. I am currently on fall break and I didn’t really realize that until yesterday. It is cold here in Nashville and I have no heat because I forgot to call the gas company about it. My bed broke Sunday morning because I can’t read directions and put a frame together. My best friend and I saw Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley Saturday and then went out for a good time.

This is really not much of a post so I am going to put my iPod on shuffle.

Here we go.

Mississippi Saturday Night – Old Crow Medicine Show
Just to Satisfy You – Waylon Jennings
Warm Tape – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Freakshow – Keller Williams
Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin
Who’s that Knocking at My Door – The Dreadful Snakes
Let the Groove Get In – Justin Timberlake
Blue Jeans Pizza – moe.
Sorrow – Pink Floyd
Losing Lisa – Ben Folds
Pretty Girl from Michigan – The Avett Brothers
Our Love – The Derek Trucks Band
Little Miss Magic – Jimmy Buffett
Lost in Mississippi – Dead Fingers
Super 8 – Jason Isbell
Lost – Coldplay
Sister – The Black Keys
Jerusalem – Matisyahu
Ramble on Rose – Grateful Dead
Cranberry Rock – Chance McCoy and the Appalachian String Band


Beer is Proof the God Loves Us

And wants us to be happy. – Benjamin Franklin. However, after some research it seems the quote had wine instead of beer. That would make more sense, but still.

This past weekend a few friends and I headed downtown to the Nashville Beer Fest.  Over 100 beers, mostly craft to try all for 35 bucks! I wish I had wrote down some of my favorites because I do not remember the names of most of them. Darn beer. There were lots of local brewers around, like Yazoo, Jackalope, Blackstone,  Mayday, Turtle Anarchy and not so locals such as Abita, Sweetwater, and Duck Rabbit. Pumpkin beer was very popular to sample with it being the first weekend in October and all. Unfortunately it was not a nice fall day, it was more like a summer day in early August. It might have gone up to 80. Hooters and others were selling pretzel necklaces and I went through two of them. I got hungry, what can I say. This festival benefited the Nashville Humane Association so it was really okay by me to keep buying them. My friends and I had a great time and ran into some people along the way and also made some new friends. After we left around 5, we went over to Soulshine Pizza and chowed down. Now for some pictures.





The one and only Jamie Clayton. He is kind of a big deal.

The night ended early for me since I had to work the next day. Oh yes, I finally have a part time job. More on that later.

Until next time.

A Night at the Opry

There was a reason I had to be back in Nashville on the date that I picked. There is aways a reason, and it normally involves music. The next night Old Crow Medicine Shoe was going to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Being the huge fan that I am, I had to go. Thanks to having a wonderful father, he made it happen. It was quite the line up. There were tons of people backstage, as most of Old Crow’s family joined them for this special night. Little Jimmy Dickens made an appearance. It was his first time after some time away due to him being sick. Dustin Lynch sang a couple of songs, as well as the little Hunter Hayes. He is so tiny! One of my favorites, Dierks Bentley sang, although Bourbon in Kentucky was not on the set list. Maybe next time. My friend and I wondered around behind the stage and heard Ketch from Old Crow practicing in a room all by himself for their set. It was really cool to hear that. The whole night was awesome. To be there with one of my favorite acts, and to see their reaction on that special night, it is something I will never forget. All the members are so kind and do not mind talking to their fans. My dad shared a special connection with a few being as they are from the same area of New England, and one of them is from the same hometown as my dad’s mom. The accents came flowing out. It came time for Old Crow to hit the stage and they sang five songs. A little film was shown about their journey to that very night. Mumford and Sons even left them a congratulations. This was a night I will truly remember, for a long, long time.

Now some pictures from the evening.


Little Jimmy

Teddy, from the TV show Nashville

Teddy, from the TV show Nashville

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley



Awkward shot

Awkward shot

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Old Crow watching the film

Old Crow watching the film

After it was all over.

After it was all over.

Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family


The Last Leg

THe day finally arrived. The last day of the five day long road trip. The morning started with a trip to the St. Louis Arch. It is quite the example of some crazy architecture. I could have told you the style and year last year, but I am not longer reading about that. Whatever it is, it is amazing.


It is one of the places that has the visitor center underneath the museum, well architectural piece. They did this so it would not distract viewers from the amazing work of the Arch. Tara and I went inside and rode the little car up the to the top.


The car door. It was tiny. This was the view from the top (seen below).


We left St. Louis and hit a detour that took us through the east side. What what! We encountered a lady who did not like the fact I was driving five over the speed limit. I guess I was not driving fast enough. She proceeded to give me the bird, and well that made my a little angry. Road rage. I had it bad. Nothing crazy happened because they got off the exit. Thankfully, or that would have been a very long drive back to Nashville.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. Kentucky had lots of traffic as did Tennessee. IMG_4758 But we made it!!

That is the end of Adventure Across America. Round two.

Sleepy Town

It was the fourth day of the trip. Needless to say it was getting old, and we still had to get through the rest of Kansas. We started our way to Independence, Missouri, the home of Harry Truman.


I just learned he was a Free Mason. Interesting. Anyway, we arrived to a town that was sleepy. Nothing was opened because it was Sunday. Even the Truman Library was closed. So what do you do when everything is closed, walk around and take pictures.


In front of the courthouse.


Truman walking signs. All over the place.

1229953_10200468308779446_1806025688_nWe walked around this museum, but could not go in because of Abbie. It was also expensive for such a tiny place.


First courthouse. It has been moved from the original location. Truman served as a judge here.

We left and headed to St. Louis! Drive was uneventful. We made a couple pit stops, first to get gas which is important, but I also picked up some good ole Ozark Moonshine. We also stopped at Larry’s Boot World to pick up some new cowboy boots. Also important. After the fun, we finally made it to our hotel. It was very nice, and also had free drinks. Notice a trend?


Wish we could have made it to the baseball game! After searching, we made it to downtown St. Louis on the river and found a brewery. St. Louis was also a sleepy little town that night. The next day would provide adventures, because we ventured into areas we really should not have been.