101 in 1001 Update

Not a lot has been crossed off since I last posted, but there are some. I guess I am using this excuse for a post because I really have nothing else to write about tonight. Work was long and my joints ache. So here we go.

21. Two weeks of no Facebook – Jan 2014
Well it has been more than two weeks because it has been deleted for almost one month!

27.  Give up soft drinks – Jan 2014

53. Only drink water for two weeks – Jan 2014
68. Stop using/buying plastic water bottles, and use reusable ones – Jan. 2014

Hello camel back bottles!

88. Drink moonshine – December 2013
When in Kentucky…

94. Leave an inspirational post-it in a random place (Jan 2014)
Won’t say where, but it was sure random!

40. 50 New Books
32. Andrew Jackson, Southerner

Well that is it.

Until next time.


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