Live Free or Die

This past weekend I ventured up north to New Hampshire to visit my brother who lives there. Friday was the travel day, but thankfully TSA decided it should be my lucky day by going through the pre-screening process. Bean boots, big sweater, liquids and laptop all got to stay put. Hopefully the next time of y’all travel, you will be lucky enough to have this happen to you. They even let me keep my coffee!

The two flights were very uneventful. I landed in Manchester to a rainy and snowy mixture and picked up the rental car for the hour and a half drive to Lebanon. Yes, I was headed to Lebanon, NH.


My brother is currently working the graveyard shift so we was asleep when I got into town. He thankfully gave me the name of a place to go and watch the USA hockey game. I headed to the Salt Hill Pub right in the heart of downtown. The town is not that big at all. Jake met me there and we ate some food and watched the game before heading over to his apartment so he could get a few more hours of sleep before work that night.

I got some homework done before heading over to Quechee, VT to see my cousins that were staying at their condo for a ski weekend. The drive took longer than the usual 15 minutes because of all the rain and sleet that was coming down. Not fun to drive in at all. It was a nice visit as it had been about a year since I last say my cousin and her family.

The night ended with the second inside in season two of House of Cards and then I fell asleep.

Great first night in NH.


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