101 in 1001 Update

Not a lot has been crossed off since I last posted, but there are some. I guess I am using this excuse for a post because I really have nothing else to write about tonight. Work was long and my joints ache. So here we go.

21. Two weeks of no Facebook – Jan 2014
Well it has been more than two weeks because it has been deleted for almost one month!

27.  Give up soft drinks – Jan 2014

53. Only drink water for two weeks – Jan 2014
68. Stop using/buying plastic water bottles, and use reusable ones – Jan. 2014

Hello camel back bottles!

88. Drink moonshine – December 2013
When in Kentucky…

94. Leave an inspirational post-it in a random place (Jan 2014)
Won’t say where, but it was sure random!

40. 50 New Books
32. Andrew Jackson, Southerner

Well that is it.

Until next time.


Lately: Bourbon

I have been reading a ton of books. They have mostly been books about the south since I miss it oh so much. I came across a booked called But Always Fine Bourbon, about the Van Winkle Company. It is not necessarily an educated historical book that would be used in paper, but it is a great read, mostly because they talk about bourbon and horses and how they are big Kentucky fans. Prohibition almost put them out of business due to the rum runners and moonshiners that could deliver the alcohol faster than most, but sometimes death came faster than it could be finished.

It got me thinking about bourbon yesterday while I was at the pool and wondering why there was no pool boy to bring me one to sip on. Rough life. I may not be the best bourbon connoisseur, but I do enjoy it. I can thank my Kentucky time for developing this love. I still need to do some tours and figure out if my barrel is done at Makers yet.

So here is a list of some of my favorite bourbon drinks. I like lists.


The Mint Julep


Bourbon and Ginger


Bourbon and Coke


Bourbon Eggnog, it’ll warn you right up


Bourbon Highball


The bourbon slush punch is one of my all time favorites that I found in Garden & Gun. So I will give you the recipe. Bourbon Slush
Serves 16–18

6 cups water
2 cups strong tea
2 cups bourbon
1 cup sugar
One 6-ounce container frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
One 6-ounce container frozen lemon juice concentrate, thawed
Garnish: Mint sprigs or lemon slices (optional)

Combine the water, tea, bourbon, sugar, orange and lemon juice concentrate in a large container or bowl, and mix until sugar dissolves. Pour into two gallon-size freezer bags. Freeze until an hour before serving. Place the frozen punch in a large bowl and let thaw, breaking up every 15 minutes. When punch is melted, add more ice or water as desired. Serve in punch cups. Garnish, if desired.

Strong Tea
2 cups water
1 family-size or 4 regular tea bags

Boil the water. Add the tea bag(s) and let steep until cool. Discard the tea bag(s) and set aside.


It’s the Best Week Ever!

That’s right! It is SHARK WEEK!


That one time I dove with sharks…

I am back in Nashville for my vacation I guess you could say. I would not call going to the dentist a vacation, but oh well!

Since there is not much to update on, how about a little update on my 101 in 1001! I know y’all really want to know what is going on with that, so here we go!

40. Read 50 new books
23. Pirate Latitudes 

200px-Pirate_Latitudes24. Getting Stoned with Savages books25. Sunk without a Trace41jMZ7jOtYL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-66,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_26. Islands in the Stream w_islandsinthestream

63. Don’t use a flat iron on my hair for one month – DONE! Thanks no humidity.

71. Become a Master Scuba Diver – 23 July 2013
For PADI, this means having 50 dives and 5 speciality certifications. I decided to go with these wonderful 5 – wreck, deep, night, enriched air, and peak performance buoyancy.


75. Go to a MLB game (June 2013)
Padres Game, and they won!

92. Go to a professional soccer match (July 5, 2013)
USA  v. Guatemala , USA won!


That is it for the moment! Here’s to a great vacation with the family!

Nothing New

Tonight not much has happened besides my dive master class getting underway. While I was thinking about something to blog about, I saw Surrounded by Imbeciles post about the categories that are listed on the side of the blog page. Since the creative juices are not flowing tonight, I am going to follow this and see what the first thing I can come up with might happen to be.

101 in 1001 – I really need to update this more often.

Adventure – I am flying back to Nashville on Thursday. Airports are always interesting.

Adventure Across America – Part II will begin at the end of October.

Beach – I have not been in two weeks. Pathetic.

Books – Currently reading some more Hemingway

Concerts – Old Crow Medicine Show on Saturday!

Dogs – Abbie is snoring

Dreams – Had another dream about clowns last night

Family – Seeing them at the end of this week!

Fashion – Pretty pumped about my new shoes, Blu Kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.55.37 PM

Fiji – Soon close!

Fishing – Hemingway’s books also talks about fly fishing

Food – Can’t wait until sushi

History – Talked about maritime history in dive master class tonight

Kayaking – Need to go

Movies –  Haven’t been since Top Gun 3D

Museums – Tattoo exhibit possibility

Music – Daft Punk

Nashville – Thursday

Pictures – Sent the shark one to my grandpa

Quotes –  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

San Diego – Amazing

Savannah – Not so much

SCAD – No more school

Scuba – Master Diver!

Sea Life – Shark Week is soon

Shopping – This will be happening in Nashville

Spiritual – I am

Sports – Fall means football in the South

Technology – I am loving my new computer

The South – I miss it

Travel – Everyone should do it

Uncategorized – This post


One week has come and gone in the Winter quarter here at SCAD.

So here it is, the books for winter quarter.

Preservation Law and Advocacy

This class is online this quarter. I am not as excited as I thought I would be so far… we shall see how it goes.

Building Assessment Strategies I
I am very excited about this class! It is, hopefully, going to be a lot of hands on work. The professor is awesome too.

Digital Communication for Preservation
I am excited, and a little nervous for this class. I am not the best with computer design, so we will see how this goes! My first project is creating Alfred’s Cabin from the Hermitage in google sketch up. Oh boy.

Here’s to another great quarter!

Welcome 2013!

I welcomed the new year by flying back home to Nashville from Key Largo, FL. I will post on that trip later on! This post is dedicated to my 101 in 1001! I have done a horrible job on updating it, and I have also updated some of the things as I realized I will never be able to do some of the things due to my arthritis. Dang you!

2. Do a volunteer project with Historic Savannah Foundation (10/13/12)
I did this with the student preservation club at SCAD. We worked on revolving fund properties with HSF.



3. Go on an adventure, big or small, every month (7/22)
Between roaming around Savannah, random travel, the adventures keep coming!

4. Complete a couch to 5k training program (11/1/12)
I did this between walking and riding a bike since I cannot run.

12. Make my bed everyday for a month  (completed in October 2012)

15. Go out west (8/20/12)
Sun Valley, Idaho!

16. Go wreck diving (12/29/12)
This occurred this past week! More to come…

17. Attend a spin class (9/21/12)
YMCA. Kicked my butt

18. Go line dancing (10/13/12)

19. Have a gluten, dairy, and egg free Thanksgiving (11/22/12)
I didn’t even eat a thanksgiving meal since we went to Sperry’s. I had pork chops.

23. Find a church (9/2012)

26. Go kayaking at least once a month, weather permitting (7/22)

28. Take a random road trip (12/21/21)
I went to Birmingham, Alabama to visit two of my friends.

29. Re-read Catcher in the Rye (11/27/12)

36. Try 10 new restaurants (10/10)
1. Molly McGuire
2. AJ Dockside Grill
3. Clary’s Cafe
4. Alligator Soul
5. Green Truck Pub
6. Sugar Wagon food truck
7. Just Like Nannie Fixed It food truck
8. Locos
9. Bar Food
10.  The Well

40. Read 50 new books (12/50)
1. Explorers of the Infinite
2. Love Does
3. Girl Meets God
4. Good Life Wasted
5. Dances with Trout
6. Another Lousy Day in Paradise
7. In the Name of Jesus
8. Sea Hunters II
9. A River Runs through It
10. Kisses from Katie
11. Girls in White Dresses
12. Perfectly Unique 

46. Learn to stand up paddle board (7/30/12)

49. Play the banjo (11/22/12)

50. Go fly fishing (6/24/12)

56. Wear my glasses for one week (10/1-7/12)

58. Vote in 2012 (10/9/12)
Absentee ballot!

61. Learn how to use photoshop (7/24/12)

65. Get a professional massage (8/2012)

72. Watch the Wonder Years from start to finish on Netflix (7/25/12)

77. Go mountain biking (8/20/12)

78. Swim everyday for a week (8/2012)

79. Donate clothes to Goodwill (11/13/12)

82. Shuck oysters (11/17/12)

83. Bike to the bank for one month (7/2012)

84. Go to a concert without planning (11/24/12)
Saw some bluegrass at the Station Inn

85. Ride a horse (8/20/12)
Stanley, Idaho

91. Watch the summer ’12 Olympics (8/2012)

96. Swim in a tide pool (7/20/12)

98. Visit a National Park (8/2012)
Sawtooth National Park, Idaho

99. Go rafting (8/2012)

100. Stop chewing gum for one month (7/2012)

2 Month Update

I have said this before and I will say it again. I am the worst blogger of all time. School started stressing me out, midterms happened, and papers and projects took over my life. Yes, the quarter finished almost two months ago, but life got in the way. I am going to do an update through pictures of things that have happened. I promise that I will try my best to blog more now that I am on break!

Oysters at Table 3

Oysters at Table 3

If you have not been to Table 3, you must try it. They always have a great selection of oysters, and my mom swears that the fries are the best thing ever.

Dad and I at the NYC party

Dad and I at the NYC party

This was this past weekend at the Lebanon Airport for the Nashville Yacht Club Christmas Party in one of the members hanger. So much fun!

My family!

My family!

My Alpha Omicron Pi family has grown since 2008. The chapter went from 3 members to 35 now! I am one proud panda. A few are even missing from here too! ALAM!

Starting the next level!

Starting the next level!

I have started my Advanced Open Water Course with PADI! I got cleared to scuba dive, and also found out I no longer have hearing loss. Apparently I am weird.

New necklace

New necklace

I bought this little anchor necklace from Red Earth Trading Company at their pop up shop in Hillsboro Village! Everyone needs to check them out.



Yes, this was Halloween. I was America. I even rode the bull at Saddlebags on River Street.

Blackjack Billy

Blackjack Billy

This band, Blackjack Billy, played at Saddlebags in October. Some classmates and I saw them and they are amazing. They are playing at the Wild Wing Cafe in Franklin, TN on December 20. Check them out.

Two amazing things

Two amazing things

I went to this new coffee shop in Green Hills called The Well to work on some things for my internship. I found these great little finds. Love Does is the title of a book that I have read by Bob Goff. Everyone should read it. The book from what I have heard is amazing. Can’t wait to start reading it!



I got my wisdom teeth out a week and half ago. I look lovely.

 That’s it for tonight. I have lots to update on, but I will be saving those for other posts. Thanks for still reading.