It’s the Best Week Ever!

That’s right! It is SHARK WEEK!


That one time I dove with sharks…

I am back in Nashville for my vacation I guess you could say. I would not call going to the dentist a vacation, but oh well!

Since there is not much to update on, how about a little update on my 101 in 1001! I know y’all really want to know what is going on with that, so here we go!

40. Read 50 new books
23. Pirate Latitudes 

200px-Pirate_Latitudes24. Getting Stoned with Savages books25. Sunk without a Trace41jMZ7jOtYL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-66,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_26. Islands in the Stream w_islandsinthestream

63. Don’t use a flat iron on my hair for one month – DONE! Thanks no humidity.

71. Become a Master Scuba Diver – 23 July 2013
For PADI, this means having 50 dives and 5 speciality certifications. I decided to go with these wonderful 5 – wreck, deep, night, enriched air, and peak performance buoyancy.


75. Go to a MLB game (June 2013)
Padres Game, and they won!

92. Go to a professional soccer match (July 5, 2013)
USA  v. Guatemala , USA won!


That is it for the moment! Here’s to a great vacation with the family!


Nothing New

Tonight not much has happened besides my dive master class getting underway. While I was thinking about something to blog about, I saw Surrounded by Imbeciles post about the categories that are listed on the side of the blog page. Since the creative juices are not flowing tonight, I am going to follow this and see what the first thing I can come up with might happen to be.

101 in 1001 – I really need to update this more often.

Adventure – I am flying back to Nashville on Thursday. Airports are always interesting.

Adventure Across America – Part II will begin at the end of October.

Beach – I have not been in two weeks. Pathetic.

Books – Currently reading some more Hemingway

Concerts – Old Crow Medicine Show on Saturday!

Dogs – Abbie is snoring

Dreams – Had another dream about clowns last night

Family – Seeing them at the end of this week!

Fashion – Pretty pumped about my new shoes, Blu Kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.55.37 PM

Fiji – Soon close!

Fishing – Hemingway’s books also talks about fly fishing

Food – Can’t wait until sushi

History – Talked about maritime history in dive master class tonight

Kayaking – Need to go

Movies –  Haven’t been since Top Gun 3D

Museums – Tattoo exhibit possibility

Music – Daft Punk

Nashville – Thursday

Pictures – Sent the shark one to my grandpa

Quotes –  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

San Diego – Amazing

Savannah – Not so much

SCAD – No more school

Scuba – Master Diver!

Sea Life – Shark Week is soon

Shopping – This will be happening in Nashville

Spiritual – I am

Sports – Fall means football in the South

Technology – I am loving my new computer

The South – I miss it

Travel – Everyone should do it

Uncategorized – This post


Blue and Makos! Oh My!

A litte over one week ago, I did something that most people have told me I am crazy for doing…. I dove with sharks. More like snorkeling, but still, I was in a feeding frenzy as Jimmy Buffett would say. It just took a sweet time for these little guys to get hungry.

The Monday started out like any other Monday, took Abbie out and had breakfast, and then headed to Dana Landing to meet Captain Danny and his little yellow boat. It is 8 in the morning, I was ready for some shark action. After being introduced to everyone and we headed down to the boat for our safety briefing about the boat and also the sharks. More to come on that.

We headed out about 10 miles or so to the spot where we would start chumming the waters for the sharks. Before we even arrived at the spot, we passed a school of dolphins feeding, it was amazing! We also got our group picture!

Fins up!

Fins up!

We arrived, chummed, and waited, and waited, and waited. Lots of waiting for these sharks. Lots. We had one show up and Kyle and another person got in the water, but it decided it did not want to stay, so the shark went away.



So we waited some more, ate some soup, some people got sea sick, and some slept. I did not, I kept waiting, and chatted with Nick and Kyle, the owners and founders of SD Expeditions. I have mentioned them in another post before, so again check these two out. They really have something going on out here! It was about 4pm and still nothing! We decided that at 5pm we would call it a day and head back to dry land. All of a sudden the birds flew away! Nick jumped in the water and informed us that there were three blue sharks!!

Photo credit: Kyle

Photo credit: Kyle

I cannot even begin to describe this whole thing! I never ever felt scared or out of place. Nick and Kyle did a great job talking about what to do once in the water, and if you listened everything was fine. The three blues decided they had enough and left. We were then greeted by three mako sharks! More excitement!

Photo credit: Kyle

Photo credit: Kyle

Yes, that is a mako right under my fins. They are a little more jumpy than the blues and get scared easily. We had one that stayed around for a while just eating away and checking us out. It could have been more of the “natural” chum coming from the boat after more people get sick…

Kyle and a mako

Kyle and a mako

As you can see the photo above is one I took. I just really like it, it shows Kyle in his element!

It was a great day, one that I will never ever forget. I finally got to swim with sharks, and I have such a huge respect for them, even more now. What the heck, I just love sharks!

Thanks Danny, Nick and Kyle for a remarkable day! Y’all are the absolute best.

Celebrating America’s Birthday

As we all know, American had her birthday a few days ago. It is one of my favorite holidays, so naturally I needed plans. Thankfully something fell into place, and it involved going diving. Big surprise right? I completed another speciality for PADI, Peak Performance Buoyancy. It’s just a little important…

The instructor was great. There were only two of us in the class, which makes it go by faster. After the three dives we got some Mexican food. Irony. We had our last dive and I went off to go jet skiing, more like tubing with a friend. Grilled some burgers and hot dogs, and then set off to Ocean Beach to watch the fireworks. We paddled out on surfboards to the do not cross red buoy and waited for the fireworks to go off. That’s right, I watched the fireworks sitting on a surfboard in the Pacific Ocean. WHAT?!

While I do not have many pictures from the day because I spent it mostly under or in the ocean… I have two. Hopefully I will see the ones that the guys took from diving. Who knows! I should really start to being my GoPro more…


Fiesta Island. There is a horse. Random.


USA selfie.

It was a great day. One of the best and it is right up there with spending the best day in Canada three years ago.

I also managed to lose my flip flops after the fireworks during the marsh mellow fight on the beach. Talk about insane!

Side note, tomorrow is the day for sharks! Blue and hopefully mako sharks!


Something Clever

I really do not have much to say today. I have been diving since Thursday, and no pictures to show. Darn classes! I completed my night dive specialty last week, and also my wreck and deep diver! Only need two more and 5 more dives to become a master diver. Yippie!

Actually, I lied. I have some pictures from last Sunday’s dive.


970056_4960767746185_499041520_nMore kelp.

988226_4960782386551_501880257_nTrain Wheel cavern

Work has been great, nothing too much going on there!

So to make this post somewhat fun, I am going to put my iTunes on shuffle and see what happens!

1. One Hit Wonder – Keller Williams
2. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
3. Sentimental Guy – Ben Folds
4. Great Rain – John Prine
5. Skokiaan – Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers
6. Volunteers – Megafun
7. Opium – moe.
8. Do it Anyway – Ben Folds Five
9. Contact – Daft Punk
10. Soft Touch – Depeche Mode
11. Sally Anne – Old Crow Medicine Show
12. Uncaged – Zac Brown Band
13. Close Your Eyes – Chemical Brothers
14. Living of Love – Avett Brothers
15. The Song Remains the Same – Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Buffett did not even make the random list. How sad. Time to go clean the wetsuits and dive gear…

Until next time.

Under the Sea: Night Edition

This past Thursday I did my first night dive! Nerve-racking? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Partially, my mask kept flooding the whole time, and weight all messed up, and I couldn’t really see anything. It was still awesome.

Here are some pictures, I cannot take credit for these though. My dive buddy has the awesome camera with crazy flash attachments.

Credit: Sam Sculpin

Credit: Sam

Credit: Sam

Credit: Sam

I have my night check out dives tonight. Slightly nervous, just how I always am when I have people watching me do things that I must get right, and I suck at navigation. Period.

Hopefully I pass!

Tomorrow is another full day of diving…. 4 tank boat trip. Hopefully I will get some good pictures!

Nine Year Old Kids and Ghosts

Yesterday I spent the night on the Star of India with around 80 nine year old kids.

Talk about a good form of birth control.

There is not much to talk about except I got stuck in a cabin with 5 kids in a room where someone apparently died.

I am sure plenty of people died in that ship.

Anyway, the ghost pushed me out of my bed. Or maybe a kid did to be funny. It wasn’t.

I also had to take those 5 kids and keep an eye on them while we did “watch” duty from 3 am to 4 am.

Maybe this is why I am cranky.

I think the ghost also put something in my food because I keep getting sick.

Besides that adventure, San Diego has not been so sunny.

June gloom.

Of course it is sunny today while I am in bed.

In other news,  I went diving again with the same company. They are great. If any of my readers are ever in San Diego or close by, check them out! SD Expeditions has snorkel tours, guided diving and scuba classes. Just two guys who love to dive and share the love with others. Pardon the hippie phrase. It is true though. I have used the same guy twice and each time he has explained everything in great detail before getting into the water. Next step is wreck diving and I am going to be going with this amazing company!

However, I am still waiting to see a shark!