Nothing New

Tonight not much has happened besides my dive master class getting underway. While I was thinking about something to blog about, I saw Surrounded by Imbeciles post about the categories that are listed on the side of the blog page. Since the creative juices are not flowing tonight, I am going to follow this and see what the first thing I can come up with might happen to be.

101 in 1001 – I really need to update this more often.

Adventure – I am flying back to Nashville on Thursday. Airports are always interesting.

Adventure Across America – Part II will begin at the end of October.

Beach – I have not been in two weeks. Pathetic.

Books – Currently reading some more Hemingway

Concerts – Old Crow Medicine Show on Saturday!

Dogs – Abbie is snoring

Dreams – Had another dream about clowns last night

Family – Seeing them at the end of this week!

Fashion – Pretty pumped about my new shoes, Blu Kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.55.37 PM

Fiji – Soon close!

Fishing – Hemingway’s books also talks about fly fishing

Food – Can’t wait until sushi

History – Talked about maritime history in dive master class tonight

Kayaking – Need to go

Movies –  Haven’t been since Top Gun 3D

Museums – Tattoo exhibit possibility

Music – Daft Punk

Nashville – Thursday

Pictures – Sent the shark one to my grandpa

Quotes –  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

San Diego – Amazing

Savannah – Not so much

SCAD – No more school

Scuba – Master Diver!

Sea Life – Shark Week is soon

Shopping – This will be happening in Nashville

Spiritual – I am

Sports – Fall means football in the South

Technology – I am loving my new computer

The South – I miss it

Travel – Everyone should do it

Uncategorized – This post



Technology Hates Me

It has been about 3 weeks since I got my new computer. I can finally say  that I am now done transferring everything over. Technology hates me. I tried to transfer everything over wirelessly, but that didn’t work. So I manually transferred everything over. Good grief I have a lot of pictures. That is what this post is dedicated to, my life though some of my favorite pictures. Here we go.

My brother and I. I have no idea how old I am here.

Here’s another one!

18th birthday. Still short and so much skinnier.

First semester in AOII. Fall Fest at Cumberland

Saying goodbye to the Land Yacht

Little Jimmy D.

Eric Church… there will be a reoccurring theme here…

Jimmy Buffett Concert, or the night the rain poured down

Spring break with some of the best guys ever!



Heli Pad. Nootka, Island, BC

Sunset in Green Hills

Hot air balloon ride in Tuscany, Italy

Fishing in the Keys

Climbing at Bandalier National Monument, New Mexico

Graduation with Professor Bell

Precious Abbie

This concludes the enormous amount of pictures post. That is all.

Kick Start.

This week has been busy! Classes started, department meetings and dealing with IT has worn me out. Monday was my first graduate class. It’s a tiny one, most are older and have had jobs, and some are just in the MA program. The class is 2 hours and 3o minutes. 5 hour credit. It is interesting. This week we are learning about footnotes and how to cite papers in the Chicago style. Thanks so my great undergraduate university – Cumberland I know how to do this and it is still fresh on my mind.

Today we actually got out a lithe early, which gave me time to try to figure out why my ID will not let me into any buildings. Yes, you have to swipe your card to get into anyplace. Very different than Cumberland. Safety first! After about a 1 hour phone conversation and countless emails I could finally get into the library. Let me tell you, this place is gorgeous. Three stories. They have their own interlibrary loan room! After printing off my PDF on how to properly use my new camera when it comes to taking pictures of buildings, I headed over to the HPRES building. ID still didn’t work. Another phone call and more emails I could finally get in without having to wait for someone to get to the door and pray I won’t be late to class.

I headed to Panera for a smoothie and some study time. I also met with the head leader for Young Life here in Savannah. I will be getting involved with that again and I cannot wait. I won’t get into that because thats too personal to put on the inter web.

My online class is going well too. A lot of work. There is actually a girl who works at a place I interviewed at, but they did not have any openings. Small world!

There was also a department meeting for new students. I found out that hopefully I will be able to go to France for a quarter to study. They go every other year.

My plans for tonight fell through. I had planned on going to the student preservation association guest speaker, but either he started his speech 15 minutes early, I was told the wrong time, or just stuff happened. Oh well, there will be plenty more to go to. It did allow me to get a lot of work done tonight so I can spend Saturday watching UK take down UL.

Kentucky made it to the final four. We are playing Louisville. Yuck. Kentucky has to be going crazy this week. Well, I know they are. I am sure that are a few of you who are very happy that you won’t have to hear me talk about UK right now. Think again.

Well, time to call it a night. My contacts are going crazy and I am seeing three lines of this sentence.