Lately: Bourbon

I have been reading a ton of books. They have mostly been books about the south since I miss it oh so much. I came across a booked called But Always Fine Bourbon, about the Van Winkle Company. It is not necessarily an educated historical book that would be used in paper, but it is a great read, mostly because they talk about bourbon and horses and how they are big Kentucky fans. Prohibition almost put them out of business due to the rum runners and moonshiners that could deliver the alcohol faster than most, but sometimes death came faster than it could be finished.

It got me thinking about bourbon yesterday while I was at the pool and wondering why there was no pool boy to bring me one to sip on. Rough life. I may not be the best bourbon connoisseur, but I do enjoy it. I can thank my Kentucky time for developing this love. I still need to do some tours and figure out if my barrel is done at Makers yet.

So here is a list of some of my favorite bourbon drinks. I like lists.


The Mint Julep


Bourbon and Ginger


Bourbon and Coke


Bourbon Eggnog, it’ll warn you right up


Bourbon Highball


The bourbon slush punch is one of my all time favorites that I found in Garden & Gun. So I will give you the recipe. Bourbon Slush
Serves 16–18

6 cups water
2 cups strong tea
2 cups bourbon
1 cup sugar
One 6-ounce container frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
One 6-ounce container frozen lemon juice concentrate, thawed
Garnish: Mint sprigs or lemon slices (optional)

Combine the water, tea, bourbon, sugar, orange and lemon juice concentrate in a large container or bowl, and mix until sugar dissolves. Pour into two gallon-size freezer bags. Freeze until an hour before serving. Place the frozen punch in a large bowl and let thaw, breaking up every 15 minutes. When punch is melted, add more ice or water as desired. Serve in punch cups. Garnish, if desired.

Strong Tea
2 cups water
1 family-size or 4 regular tea bags

Boil the water. Add the tea bag(s) and let steep until cool. Discard the tea bag(s) and set aside.



Nothing New

Tonight not much has happened besides my dive master class getting underway. While I was thinking about something to blog about, I saw Surrounded by Imbeciles post about the categories that are listed on the side of the blog page. Since the creative juices are not flowing tonight, I am going to follow this and see what the first thing I can come up with might happen to be.

101 in 1001 – I really need to update this more often.

Adventure – I am flying back to Nashville on Thursday. Airports are always interesting.

Adventure Across America – Part II will begin at the end of October.

Beach – I have not been in two weeks. Pathetic.

Books – Currently reading some more Hemingway

Concerts – Old Crow Medicine Show on Saturday!

Dogs – Abbie is snoring

Dreams – Had another dream about clowns last night

Family – Seeing them at the end of this week!

Fashion – Pretty pumped about my new shoes, Blu Kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.55.37 PM

Fiji – Soon close!

Fishing – Hemingway’s books also talks about fly fishing

Food – Can’t wait until sushi

History – Talked about maritime history in dive master class tonight

Kayaking – Need to go

Movies –  Haven’t been since Top Gun 3D

Museums – Tattoo exhibit possibility

Music – Daft Punk

Nashville – Thursday

Pictures – Sent the shark one to my grandpa

Quotes –  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

San Diego – Amazing

Savannah – Not so much

SCAD – No more school

Scuba – Master Diver!

Sea Life – Shark Week is soon

Shopping – This will be happening in Nashville

Spiritual – I am

Sports – Fall means football in the South

Technology – I am loving my new computer

The South – I miss it

Travel – Everyone should do it

Uncategorized – This post


But You Don’t Sound Like You’re from the South

I have been hearing this tons out here in San Diego. I get asked where I am from and I answer Nashville. The response… “You don’t have a southern accent!” I say y’all all the time if that counts for anything. Heck, I grew up in the city, went to a private school there and have parents from New England and northern Kentucky. My mom tells me after living in Lebanon during my college years I developed one, but I didn’t come back from Savannah, Georgia with that thick southern drawl. I was even told I sound like I have lived in California my whole life even though I do not use the words gnarly, sick, rad and other words some would associate with California.

This brings me to my point, and a list.. my favorite things that people think southerners do without having any idea that it is 2013 now!


Riding a horse to school/work.
I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked this, even from some random people in Ohio! It might happen in some places, but I have never seen it.

Everything in the south is fried.
It is true, we love our fried food. Fried chicken, fried Oreo’s, fried pickles. Yes, some people love fried food. Fried okra is great, but I like it better roasted in the oven with some olive oil.

You must love NASCAR.
I like it. The drivers aren’t bad to look at. It developed from moonshine.

Speaking of moonshine, people can marry cousins!
Ah yes, the cousin issue. Why people ask me if my family in Kentucky has marrying cousins I will never understand.

Camo wearing, dip spitting, beer drinking, Freebird. These are all great things, minus  the dip spitting part, nasty. Just because I like to wear my camo hat, or drink a beer does not make me a redneck. New Hampshire has plenty of those! Freebird does get yelled when too much beer is consumed…

You must have killed an animal.
No I have not. I do not plan on it either. Yes, I do own a shotgun and taser for that matter.

We are all stupid and speak slow.
Yeah, that southern drawl comes out and makes us sound not so smart. That does not mean anything. Very intelligent people have come from the south. Morgan Freeman is from Memphis! Also Al Gore…

Country Music
It is great. I love it. When I tell people I am from Nashville, they automatically assume I have the ability to play a musical instrument and sing. They are wrong. Not everyone has that talent.

You must be a Republican
I am. Not everyone is though. That’s enough of that

So there you have it. I might add more later, but these stand out to me the most.