Being 25

My 25th year of life is not exactly what I thought it would be. I am not saying that is is bad, but if you were to ask me in June what it could be like, well it would be different. It’s that word, plan, that little word that changes so much. If my plans had not changed, I would have just moved home from San Diego for holidays and started to prepare for my six month adventure to Fiji come January. However, I have been home for two months now and am back in grad school for a second time. I am working a part time job. I am no longer going to Fiji due to mother nature and I have not gone scuba diving since the end of July.

Being 25 I have seen countless posts of engagements and wedding announcements on social media. Heck, even babies have been born from people who are 25, older or younger than me. I have no boyfriend because perhaps I am too picky or just have been looking for love in all the wrong places, but I am single. There was a time in my life, say six months ago where I did not want a boyfriend because I was going to be living halfway across the world for six months. At the age of 25 I feel as it is okay for me to admit that I would enjoy being in a relationship. It gets old being the single one all time, and having your parents talking about playing matchmaker, no offense Dad. As much as I do get my feathers ruffled and wonder why I am still single, I am happy I am. I could not imagine being married right now. The last few relationships ended for a reason. It would be a miserable marriage. I still want to explore and do fun things on my own.

It is perfectly okay to want to stay at home at 9pm on a Friday or Saturday and have a West Wing marathon on Netflix. Really, any TV show that makes a night at home alone go fast by yourself. Sometimes a beer or a glass of wine might even be involved. Better yet, have some girlfriends over and swoon over Rob Lowe or Josh Lyman. It is perfectly acceptable.

Travel. Take that trip to Europe. Work on a sailboat (still trying to accomplish this). Work as a raft guide. Do something fun before going back to school or while you are trying to find yourself. When my brother was my age he spent six months hiking the Appalachian Trail. Move away from your home state, and not just for college. I moved to Savannah, GA for graduate school as many of you are aware. Although the program did not work out in the way I though it would, it opened my eyes. Moving to San Diego did the same thing. Am I still sad to be back? Yes and no. There are times where I want to be living someplace else, but I know that at this moment I am supposed to be here, in Nashville.

Being 25 is amazing. It can also be sad and frustrating when you are trying to find a date to a weddings so you’re not the single person there. Have fun figuring out your life, I know I am. Take it in strides. Plan trips with your close friends, and it is okay to have three friends that you can always count on compared to ten that are who knows where.

Most importantly, be yourself. It will fall into place. Life will happen. Do not rush it.


Nothing New

Tonight not much has happened besides my dive master class getting underway. While I was thinking about something to blog about, I saw Surrounded by Imbeciles post about the categories that are listed on the side of the blog page. Since the creative juices are not flowing tonight, I am going to follow this and see what the first thing I can come up with might happen to be.

101 in 1001 – I really need to update this more often.

Adventure – I am flying back to Nashville on Thursday. Airports are always interesting.

Adventure Across America – Part II will begin at the end of October.

Beach – I have not been in two weeks. Pathetic.

Books – Currently reading some more Hemingway

Concerts – Old Crow Medicine Show on Saturday!

Dogs – Abbie is snoring

Dreams – Had another dream about clowns last night

Family – Seeing them at the end of this week!

Fashion – Pretty pumped about my new shoes, Blu Kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.55.37 PM

Fiji – Soon close!

Fishing – Hemingway’s books also talks about fly fishing

Food – Can’t wait until sushi

History – Talked about maritime history in dive master class tonight

Kayaking – Need to go

Movies –  Haven’t been since Top Gun 3D

Museums – Tattoo exhibit possibility

Music – Daft Punk

Nashville – Thursday

Pictures – Sent the shark one to my grandpa

Quotes –  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

San Diego – Amazing

Savannah – Not so much

SCAD – No more school

Scuba – Master Diver!

Sea Life – Shark Week is soon

Shopping – This will be happening in Nashville

Spiritual – I am

Sports – Fall means football in the South

Technology – I am loving my new computer

The South – I miss it

Travel – Everyone should do it

Uncategorized – This post


Sorry Little Blog

I have neglected you once again. It has been a little crazy since my last post! Spent Labor Day back in Nashville and then made the long drive back to Savannah. I bought all the books for class, which I will make a post about later. I am still missing some! My brother came to visit and we did the touristy things and also went kayaking with some dolphins. Classes started last week and I have been a mess. Trying to get used to the quarter system is weird. In two months fall quarter is over! I now have 9 weeks left to get so much done. Sorry this is not much of a post but I promise readers I will be back!

This past weekend we had our Young Life leader retreat on Tybee Island. Cute little beach house! It was a great weekend and I am truly feeling blessed by my opportunity to help serve with them. Now, if we could only get more kids to club tonight!

I have started working out with a trainer and she is kicking my behind. I need it though. Really bad! Thursday I start my mandolin lessons! More on that later as well.

I must get back to my paper topic and trying to figure out what I am going to do!

All the best.

Moment in the Sun

Today I woke up to horrible news. A shooting, more like mass shooting had occurred in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight showing of the Dark Night Rises. I cannot imagine what the emotions are out there. I heard the behavioral FBI say that all this man wanted to do was have his moment in the sun. She said he has already achieved it because he now has a page on Wikipedia. It did not take long at all for him to become famous. I hope justice is served, and he does not get the easy way out, or decide to take it. I decided to turn the TV off because there is only so much one person can take when it comes to hearing such a horrible thing. This is not a long post, and it really does not make much sense. I guess I am using this as a way to let everything soak in.

So go hug your loved ones, and spend time with your family, friends or just get out. Life is truly too short, and we never know when it will end.